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Lijiang + Shangri-La 5 day tour

Issuing time:2017-11-11 00:00

Unexpected "surprise" to the tip of your tongue!

Arrange a meal of Lijiang special food - hot pot of wax ribs, health, environmental protection, add rare and precious Chinese medicinal materials, tasty and no fire!

Special recommendation: take Yunnan's longest cableway - Stone Mountain Park cableway, tour of the Shangri-La people as the acme of perfection the Blue Moon Valley Stone Mountain Scenic area!

This is a "world of Wonderland water sky, Taoyuan scenery drunk human" fine collection route!

Carefully to provide sincere, intimate, conscientious, open-minded, enthusiastic service "Five" level for your journey!

Special care: the strength support team for the Shenzhen major travel agencies to separate the guests, to ensure the quality of the team reception!

Safety car: from the shuttle to the whole air conditioning tour car, absolutely guarantee that the travel vehicle insurance is complete and the age of the car is not more than 5 years, security is guaranteed!

Arrange six to send sincere: Naxi ornaments, Tibetan Plateau hada, highland barley wine, tea, fruit, wild snow mineral water!

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